Sidewinder Carpet and Upholstery Tools

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The Sidewinder's carpet tools are perfect for large, open areas, as well as detailing tight places. The user can quickly clean open spaces and with no change in tool, clean along the floorboards, vents and edges. Available in 18, 15 and 8 inch.

Sidewinder 18" Carpet Tool: This scalloped floor tool is designed to glide across carpet while the scalloped edge allows debris to be sucked in as you move over the carpeted surface. The thin sleek design of the tool head makes edging a room fast and simple.

Sidewinder 15" Carpet Tool: This scalloped floor tool works just like the 18" carpet tool, although it does have a wider head, which allows for pick up of larger debris on carpet, for example, large sizes of paper scraps found in office spaces.

Sidewinder 8" Carpet & Upholstery Tool: Ideal for upholstery cleanup. Its thin head helps reach into couch/chair cracks. The smooth scalloped head glides across cushions for a fast and effective clean-up of any mess, from dirt to dry cereals and more. Also great on carpeted stairs.